Make Outdoor Adventures a Reality – Start Raising Money Today

Let's get started!

It should be easy to raise to capital for outdoor projects.

However there are barriers and hurdles that make it seem almost impossible..

  • You are busy putting out fires
  • You feel worn out and like you are always fundraising;
  • You are going back to the same well of donors;
  • You don’t have staff or time to develop a marketing campaign
  • You don’t have the budget to put towards a new website or an update
  • You don’t have a dedicated fundraising staff
  • Did we mention that your plate is full…

Your fundraising goals are closer than you think. The Adventure Maker Platform is a simple and straightforward approach to raising capital for your awesome outdoor projects. Our mission is to help non-profits create outdoor adventures. We do that through a simple fundraising platform where we make it straightforward for you to start raising money today so that you can focus on your mission. We have been there, we know what it is like to spend most of your time trying to find marketing material, develop websites and find donors. As a team we have the IT, Management, and Marketing skills necessary to take this off your plate.

Let's get Started: Start fundraising within 24 hours:

  1. Fill out our form here
  2. We will respond and provide some edits to the content and send you a final draft before posting;
  3. Finalize link and begin posting on Social Media and sending to your contacts;

Raising money for your project is within your reach. You are the leader of your organization and must be focused on your total organization not just one part. We would love to be your partner in fundraising for your projects. We want you to be thinking about organizing a ribbon cutting in the near future and providing new adventures for more people!