YOUTH OUTREACH PROGRAM - The Southeastern Climbers Coalition

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For over 2 decades, SCC has worked to preserve climbing areas for future generations. As climbing grows in popularity, we see more youth participating in climbing through clubs, teams, and gyms. In order to engage with the future generation of climbers, we will create a Youth Outreach Program. The program will be designed to educate youth from diverse backgrounds about the importance of being a responsible climber in the outdoors and raise their awareness about ways to help preserve climbing areas for future generations.

SCC has over 2,000 members that are climbers from Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, and beyond. The majority of our membership are adult climbers, ages 30-50. We are invited to attend over 50 local events annually to connect with climbers at climbing gyms, competitions, schools, or other functions. These events foster community and camaraderie among climbers of all ages; they also present an opportunity for climbers to learn about conservation and become a supporter of the SCC mission. We hope to expand our impact further by working directly with the next generation of climbers.

The goal of the SCC Youth Outreach Program is to engage the next generation of climbers with our mission of preserving access to climbing in the Southeast. The program will consist of inclusive activities, educational outreach, and service projects. Lessons will be designed for youth climbers including historically underrepresented populations. Young climbers will learn how to be a responsible climber in the outdoors by following Leave No Trace standards in climbing areas as well as participate in service activities to learn about stewardship of public lands. Funds raised will help SCC cover staff time, associated travel, materials and other expenses. A staff person will be hired to direct all program coordination, development, and implementation.

We have begun our efforts to connect with youth in our community, but there is simply a larger opportunity for us to expose the future generation to conservation and stewardship for climbing access. Help us get more kids outside and climbing!