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We propose adding climbing features to the existing Poe Run Trail at Enterprise South Nature Park. There are two types of athletes that often have similar but opposite problems: runners / hikers and climbers. Runners and hikers usually use these activities solely for their fitness and neglect their upper body muscles, whereas climbers neglect their lower body. That is why Wild Trails is is adding climbing features to an easily accessible trail. These features are not actually for climbing--because climbing suggests upward movement and therefore requires safety equipment in the form of ropes, harnesses or crash pads to help reduce the risk of injury in the event of a fall. Instead, these climbing features will be designed for traversing. The user will never be more than a few feet from the ground, thus eliminating the risk of injury. Also, the concept is to keep the user’s heart rate up as they transition from the hike/run to the traverse and back. Our overall goal is to build 10-15 traversing walls along the ¾ mile Poe Run trail. However, Phase 1 is to build 2 traversing walls and see what we learn. The walls would be set off of the trail enough so as to not interfere in any way with pedestrian traffic.

We propose to use existing trees as the foundation for plywood panels and adding the climbing holds using T-nuts. The panels will be coated with an oil based paint with sand mixed in to protect the wood and give it a rock like texture. We suggest using TAB (Treehouse Attachment Bolts) to anchor the wood panels to the trees and we will meet best practices in working with the County at ESNP.