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Bridge Chattanooga, a program of First Cumberland Presbyterian, provides a six-week-long, three-day-per-week trauma-informed after school adventure experience for 5 to 6 crews of students at Dalewood Middle School during each academic year. Since 2017, we have served 12 crews, totaling more than 120 students and carrying out more than 200 adventures!

Bridge leverages nature, adventure, and community experiences as a springboard to teach students communication, conflict resolution, empathy, friendship-building, and teamwork. These are tools that students need to build resilience and to live healthy, productive, and joyful lives.

Students enjoy outdoor adventures such as hiking, caving, horseback riding, climbing, water quality monitoring, and swimming. They also enjoy community adventures such as visiting local businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, museums, and volunteering. Skill-building includes swim lessons, and garden implementation through a recent partnership with Erlanger, Kohl’s, and the John A. Henry YMCA.

FACTS: According to Dalewood Middle School, more than 98% of its students are economically disadvantaged and 91% are African American. Since many students face the daily realities of poverty and systemic racism, Bridge Chattanooga strives to take away the challenges that often prohibit student participation in outdoor activities. Students receive a filling snack, a full dinner each day, and transportation is provided to their homes at the end of our time together. Programming is free for students.

CONNECTIVITY: We continue to support our students in various ways through community connections and partnerships, even as they go through high school. In addition to adventures, summer jobs, paid internships, and academic programs are just a few of the opportunities that Bridge Chattanooga opens for our students.

TESTIMONIAL: A key is that we are building a community of caring adults to support students. As Shaliyah shared, “Bridge means that I gained a whole other family. They try to teach us good sportsmanship and they try to help us get through our problems…..they are like our mentors because they come to school to check on us and talk to us if we need to be talked to.”

For questions or more information, e-mail [email protected] or call (423)653-0091.