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  • Fundraising Closes Dec 31, 2020
In keeping with Chattanooga Audubon Society's mission to preserve our environmental, cultural, and historical resources, we are seeking funds to enhance sustainable access on Maclellan Island.

Maclellan Island is a place of serenity in the heart of Chattanooga. Located just beneath Veteran's Street Bridge in Downtown, the Island was donated to the non-profit Chattanooga Audubon Society in 1954 by Robert J. Maclellan to be used as a nature preserve. It has remained as one of our protected sanctuary properties since that time. The Chattanooga Audubon Society works diligently to maintain Maclellan Island and is requesting funds to expand and enhance its presence. The Island is an under-utilized urban natural resource, and the importance of protecting and preserving this sanctuary is paramount. The funds we raise will be put toward sustainable access including replacing the existing dock, trail clean-up, wayfinding, and a compost toilet.

Help us boost access and recreation to this unique urban nature preserve.