What Is An Adventure Maker?

What is an Adventure Maker you may ask. We are someone that you may run into deep on the Appalachian trail, on an SUP on the Tennessee River, hanging on a rock down in Rocktown, or simply at a park in downtown Chattanooga. Truth is, you find us everywhere. An encounter with one of us can stoke the fire of adventure inside you. Lean in close and imagine along as you hear about our journeys. Beware though, we may try to convince you to join in on one of our exploits or a least, encourage you to get started with your own. Possibilities are all around! So listen carefully and begin to dream. What is waiting around the corner? Allow that excitement to rise inside you and become more then a dream!

For maybe, you are an Adventure Maker too!

Why Adventure Makers

We are a community of people working to create and preserve space for fun explorations to happen. From parks and playgrounds to trails and waterways, we value spaces that others might not imagine are full of potential for adventure. So, how do we make more of these spaces possible? This is where the Adventure Makers comes in. 

Starting A Project

Most project starters are going to be either government departments or non-profit organizations that have a desire to create projects dedicated to creating adventures in the outdoors which are open to the public and have local support. We call this group of people Adventure Maker – starters. In our experience, ”starters” have a long list of projects that sit waiting for some sort of funding to come through. Literally, these projects are sitting on “go” waiting on the right group to join them in bringing the project to life. By placing your project on the Adventure Makers site, you can connect with others who want to join in making this possible. Included is:

1. A site solely dedicated to making adventures possible. You do not have to worry about projects unrelated to our passion.

2. Connection with a community of adventure lovers

3. Access to people who want to join you in making your adventure possible

4. Finally, an easy to use site that allows you to start raising money almost immediately while you get back on the trail or back to your day job!

One of our goals is to make a site that is not only well-designed and inspirational (from all of our future project pictures!) but simple to use. Our project starters should be able to focus on getting the projects built. Our Adventure Maker Partners should be able to easily find and support projects they love and believe in. This is meant to be a simple yet inspiring approach to getting projects built.

Start A Project Now

Donating To A Project

Are you are always on the hunt for the next adventure or looking for ways to help others join in? Adventure Makers gives you both. All projects on this site have to provide verification that they have the resources and authority to work on the project they are starting. You will get to decide if it is an adventure you believe in and want to help make happen. What you get is:

1. A site solely dedicated to making adventures possible. You do not have to worry about projects unrelated to our passion.

2. The comfort and security that the adventure projects are from valid sources, almost always government or non-profit organizations reputable in their community

3. An easy way to connect with these projects and become part of making more adventures possible for more people

Donate To A Project Now